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L’Eggo of Homework Stress With #SchoolOfEggo

Now with homeschooling, remote learning, and indoor activities on your parenting to-do list, we can all use a little help. To take the pressure off, #SCHOOLOFEGGO encourages families to have some fun and turn breakfast into learning moments. And as an added bonus, kids can eat their homework.

Get inspired on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for fun, quick, delicious ways to get your wins where you can when you L’Eggo With Eggo.

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#ad Leggo my @eggo_us (cell)!! With everyone spending so much more time at home, it is time to use items we already have & make them educational! Eggo waffles are the PERFECT base for any educational project (they're crispy and delicious too)! What student doesn’t love using food to learn? Of course I already had Eggo waffles in my freezer (iconic!), so I decided to turn them into an edible CELL! I just added some other edible items from my cabinet and created a fun DIY educational project at home that can be eaten for a snack later on in the day. I am challenging YOU to use items you already have like Eggo waffles & turning them into a lesson from home. Time to eat! ⁣ ⁣ Cell Wall: Eggo waffle ⁣ Cell Membrane: cereal ⁣ Nucleus: marshmallow ⁣ Mitochondria: strawberries ⁣ Endoplasmic Reticulum: gummy worm ⁣ Golgi Bodies: fruit string ⁣ Ribosomes: mini chocolate chips⁣ #schoolofeggo

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(#ad) BREAKFAST LEARNING🎨 I am so excited to partner with @eggo_us to create a unique educational twist on breakfast with #schoolofeggo. We used our fluffy Eggo waffles as a blank canvas to draw shapes 🔸, practice math ➕ and recognize patterns 🌈. The activities certainly helped get the girls excited about eating breakfast and the Eggo waffle squares are the perfect grid for creativity 😃. My girls and I already enjoy making breakfast together so we are using this extra time for fun and original projects like these 😉. I would love to see what kind of creative ideas you can all make with your children and the iconic Eggo waffle. Use #schoolofeggo to share them with us! • 👉🏼To color the syrup, mix in a bit of: -Red: beet juice -Orange: carrot juice -Yellow: turmeric powder -Green: spiraling powder -Blue: purple cabbage juice mixed with baking soda -Purple: concentrated grape juice If you prefer to use a drop of food coloring that works really well too ❤️

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#ad We’re partnering with @eggo_us to help make learning fun and tasty. This activity is so easy! We used the iconic Eggo waffle as a game board, stole some dice from our game closet and used fresh blueberries as the playing pieces. Just roll the dice and that’s how many blueberries you get to add to your waffles. Eggo waffles make for a perfect activity starter to help learn numbers because of the iconic round shape and they’re so fast to toast up. Not to mention you get to eat your crispy delicious waffle afterwards. Hope you guys are finding ways to have fun while you’re at home...we’re just over here learning (and playing) with our food. Check out our stories for step by step directions with @eggo_us and share your creations with #SchoolOfEggo

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