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Eggo®’s Better Days Promise

Eggo® believes in a world that supports #BetterDays for all. Together, we can all L’Eggo Forward towards a brighter future.

What We Believe

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Create brighter futures for all

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Support diverse communities

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Nurture our planet

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Create Brighter Futures for All

Eggo® is committed to creating brighter futures for everyone, and that starts with sustainable and equitable access to food. This is why we have been a proud partner of No Kid Hungry since 2020. Through various partnerships, we’ve helped raise $200,000 which can help provide 2 million meals* to the millions of kids facing hunger in America.

Eggo® is also committed to creating better days through better ingredients, like flavors and colors from natural sources. Many of our products are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, and all are baked in the USA.

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20 percent growth.

Support Diverse Communities

Eggo® believes in lifting historically marginalized communities and supporting the diverse environments where we work and live. We’re honored to work with partners and suppliers who share this belief.

Eggo® is a proud sponsor of the National Black Growers Council (NBGC), a farmer-run organization dedicated to improving the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of black row crop farmers. Eggo® is supporting NBGC members by providing technical assistance to growers and helping to enable access to training at events throughout the year.

Eggo® also works with multiple certified women-owned businesses. Accurate Box Company is a world-class manufacturer of custom high-graphic corrugated boxes and has been manufacturing cartons for Eggo® wholesale club products since 2021. Sealstrip Corporation created Eggo®’s award-winning Peel&Seal® reseal strips, which offer a more sustainable footprint through materials technology and manufacturing methods.

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Nourish our Planet

Eggo® is committed to caring for our planet by developing sustainable packaging and supply chain practices.

The majority of our Eggo® cartons are made from 100% recycled fiberboard and are 100% recyclable. Additionally, all of our products and packaging are made in the USA. We are constantly looking for new and innovative opportunities to reduce the materials and resources used in our packaging. Eggo® has saved 16M pounds of paper in the past three years and 6K pounds of plastic in the past year.

Eggo® is also committed to reducing food waste across our supply chain, and has worked to launch innovative solutions for consumers to keep products fresher for longer, including our award-winning reseal strip that helps prevent food waste at home.

As a part of Kellanova’s commitments to sustainability, Eggo® is on a continuous journey to nourish our planet, helping create a brighter future for everyone.

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Create #BetterDays

L’Eggo Forward is how Eggo® supports the Kellanova Better Days™ Promise, which is committed to advancing sustainable and equitable access to food. Click here to learn more about how Eggo® and other Kellanova brands are creating #BetterDays for 4 billion people by the end of 2030.

*Your donations help support programs that feed kids; No Kid Hungry does not provide individual meals. Learn more at