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Waffles with blueberries
L’Eggo With Eggo

Tic Tac Eggo®

Why not turn breakfast into a game kids can eat? Feel like a hero by surprising your kids with the incredibly fun breakfast challenge that keeps them busy while they’re enjoying the great taste of Eggo waffles. Here's what you need; toasty, delicious Eggo waffles for the perfect game grid, 2 types of fruit (like berries and grapes), and syrup to mark the winning row. Everyone knows the rules.

Family Games You Can Eat

Parents love easy breakfast ideas. Kids love family games. Get your wins where you can and make your morning routine easier with Eggo waffles. Feel like a hero when you bring the fun of family game night to breakfast.

Tic Tac Eggo is a fun family activity that keeps the kids’ morning routine moving along and takes breakfast off your to-do list. It’s OK to let them play with their food when you L’Eggo with Eggo®.