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Little girl making her dad a messy breakfast
L’Eggo With Eggo

Sous Chef Selects

Hungry, grumpy and bored? All parents know that's a recipe for a pre-breakfast meltdown. To keep mornings moving, let your little chef call the shots and you’ll feel like a breakfast hero. Talk about a win-win. Help them pick out their favorite toppings, select the juice, maybe add a flourish of waffle art with Eggo® recipes. And it all happens while you're making breakfast when you L'Eggo With Eggo®.

Best Family Breakfasts

Easy morning strategies start with breakfast ideas that make your kid’s morning routine fun. Helping kids make breakfast is a family activity that keeps mornings on track and makes parents feel like a hero.

The best family activities can be simple breakfast challenges that keep kids busy while they’re enjoying the great taste of Eggo waffles. Get your wins where you can when you L'Eggo With Eggo.