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Father trying to wake up his child
L’Eggo With Eggo

Sleepy Day Playlist

Those mornings when no one wants to get out of bed and get moving, you need a win-win, fast. Tee up your 'emergency' Sleepy Day Playlist to get the morning moving. Make a playlist of your family's top ten hits, the tunes that you all know and love. When you think it's going to be one of those Sleepy Day mornings, it's time to hit play and turn up the volume.

Family Playlist

Parents know that sometimes a morning routine is the only thing between chaos and calm. And sleepy mornings are the enemy of the morning routine! Parents need a morning strategy of fun family activities that will get things back on track.

A family playlist can be a parent’s morning routine hack when things get hectic. Try a family dance challenge to get morning kids moving. Get your wins where you can when you L’Eggo with Eggo®.