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Kids racing out the door
L’Eggo With Eggo

Ready, Set, Eg-Go!

Getting everyone out the door in the morning is like herding cats. Why not turn this daily drama into a win-win? Make it a Minute-To-Win-It daily family game. The rules are simple: the first one at the door ready to go, wins. The winner gets to pick the next family activity, like a movie, game or dinner.

Out-the-Door Morning Routine

So Close. Your kids are almost out the door. But it’s a crazy morning! So, parents need crazy morning strategies.

Parents are ninjas, they know when mornings are just about to turn into chaos. Quick family game ideas will keep the morning routine moving right out the door. L’Eggo of morning stress and take your wins where you can when you L'Eggo With Eggo®