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Waffle closeup
L’Eggo With Eggo

Morning Mantras MMMMM

We can all use a moment of morning calm. Luckily your toaster has a built-in meditation bell. Just pop in your Eggo® waffles, and let's meditate. Chilled-out kids and a toasty, warm breakfast, now that’s a win-win. Take a slow, deep breath. Give us a little smile and slowly breathe out. That's it. Repeat until the waffles are toasted.

Real Life Morning Mindfulness

So it’s a bit crazy and the family morning routine is going out the window. An easy morning strategy is to turn anything into a family game...even calming down.

Some mornings it’s about easy family activities that keep things flowing by slowing everything down. Get your wins where you can when you L'Eggo With Eggo®.