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Girl drawing in a notebook
L’Eggo With Eggo

Eggo® Daily Doodle

Ever notice that Eggo waffles are deliciously round? It's the perfect shape for a morning doodle. Trace the Eggo waffles out on a piece of paper before you pop them in the toaster and let the doodling begin. Today, draw your favorite smiley or maybe tomorrow it's silly faces. It’s an easy win-win.

Easy Morning Activities for the Win

Keeping kids busy and focused is a simple strategy that can turn crazy mornings into fun, family activities. Easy morning routines for your kids can start with Eggo waffles and little, creative minds.

Sometimes, the best family activities are also crispy, fluffy and delicious breakfast ideas for kids. Embrace the morning madness when you L’Eggo With Eggo®.