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Our Story

Eggo® began where most of life’s best things begin: the kitchen.

Portrait of Frank Dorsa

Frank Dorsa

1935: San Jose, California

In 1935, Frank Dorsa and his brothers used their mother’s kitchen to create what would later become an internationally beloved brand. Frank had a passion for finding ways to make things easier for people. That passion is what spurred him and his brothers to create a waffle mix that restaurants could use to quickly and easily make delicious waffles for their customers. That mixture would evolve into what the world knows now as Eggo®.

Original Eggo Waffles Package
Vintage Eggo Ad

Frank saw an opportunity to also help families have their own homemade waffles without the hassle of cooking from scratch. He invented a system by which he made waffles on waffle irons, just like the ones you can find at home, and then flash froze them – thus creating the Eggo® frozen waffle.

Eggo frozen foods - quality product from Kellogg's.
Original Eggo Waffles L'Eggo My Eggo ad

In the 1970’s, Eggo® waffles became part of the Kellogg family of products and the world witnessed the birth of the famous phrase, “L’Eggo My Eggo®.” Eggo® grew to become the bestselling frozen waffle in North America – a title it still holds today!

We still hold on to Frank’s desire to make a homemade breakfast quick and easy. That’s why we strive to capture the essence of homemade in every aspect of our food.

Our mixes are made from simple ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen. We even use waffle irons, like those at home, to bring that warm homemade experience: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Eggo Waffles and Eggo French Toast plates

We are constantly innovating to offer everyone’s perfect match. We’ve expanded our portfolio to include waffles, pancakes, French toast and even Grab & Go waffles – ensuring that everyone can easily enjoy the taste of homemade whenever and however they want.